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Missouri Workers’ Compensation

Missouri Workers’ Compensation

Strict construction. Too often it seems that the law is only strictly construed when it is to the detriment of employers and their insurers. At Lemp & Murphy we are well aware of this fact and have the tools and resources necessary to put our clients in the best position to succeed.

In the litigation business, early and accurate projections are a must. The attorneys at Lemp & Murphy have the skills and experience to accurately evaluate a situation, carving out the steps that are necessary to benefit our clients the most. These steps are then maximized throughout the litigation process, with each step building upon the last and in anticipation of the next. Whether this means a settlement early in the process to mitigate costs and exposure, or a full and sustained defense throughout the litigation process, the attorneys at Lemp & Murphy are dedicated to providing top-tier legal representation and risk assessment. In stark contrast to many other law firms that drag files along to maximize legal fees, the attorneys at Lemp & Murphy are dedicated to moving cases, with the best interest of our client always the first and only priority.

The attorneys at Lemp & Murphy cover dockets all across the State of Missouri. If your Missouri business or insured needs a comprehensive approach to defending Missouri workers’ compensation claims, Lemp & Murphy is the right choice for you.

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